Enough green BS!

“The word sustainability has been contaminated. It doesn’t even mean ‘sustainable’ anymore. It means: let us continue to do what we’re doing, but somehow get away with it.” — Kim Stanley Robinson

I am at my last wit with the term “sustainable growth.”  As in, the “recovery” will lead to “sustainable growth.”  We live on a finite planet – we no longer can continue to grow without using up irreplaceable resources or hoarding them to prevent others from using them.  Yet I suspect at least 50% of U.S. citizens see no problem at all with this.    Is this what America has come to?

Living within our means will mean that we have to change our lifestyles.  Doing so voluntarily will be a whole lot less painful than having nature, or the rest of the world, forcing it on us.  It will also give us the necessary moral authority to lead through the troubled times ahead.  This will be hard:  hell I don’t even want to do it…and I know its coming.

For at least the next generation, the only thing that will matter is resilience – how well we can survive and even prosper in the days ahead.


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