A Reverse Peace Corps

After visiting the LaFollette, Tennessee area over Thanksgiving, I am more convinced than ever that many of us are living in a third world country.

From the devastated strip that passes for the community’s center, to the giant, feeble people hobbling from their old cars into fading fast food huts, to the trash and debris along what should be some of the most beautiful roads in America, I’ve seen first-hand that many places have reached the end.

The “Dream” is over in those places.  We’re hanging on, but losing our grip.  This is happening right before our eyes.  What we take for “normal” is disgusting.   We are accepting our way into oblivion.

We need help.  That’s where this idea comes in like genius:  “We need a reverse peace corps in that people from the 3rd and 4th worlds ought to come to the developed world to help us with our non-physical dimensional lives so we can create some balance.”

This comes from Bob Banner over at www.hopedance.org

Think about it – couldn’t we learn something from people who are already where we are heading?  For far too long we’ve looked at them with pity and a measure of disgust.  Now, we ourselves are seeing what it’s like to live in this kind of “economy.”   We could learn how to live with less, do less damage, and have a better life.

Ah well, they don’t have the latest version of Call of Duty.  So we still rule!


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