So many of you are getting on me: “Steve – What does this mean for us? You’re saying a lot of crazy shit – what can I do about it?”

Well, here’s the deal: most of the shit is going to come down on us whether or not we do anything ourselves, or even as a nation, or world… 

Climate change and peak oil aren’t things that you and I can do anything about. We can’t stop them and we cant hide from them. 
Ok, then is it really that bad? 

I hope not, because I think that what we are in is a decline, rather than a collapse. 

“Decline”, tho it sounds bad, is actually good. It will give us time to adjust to the new reality. Collapse is a very real possibility – that means that once oil prices shoot to the moon, then we have only a slim window to deal with that. 

To deal with decline – here’s what I’m doing (and remember I work for a non-profit): 

  • Teaching Dew (my son) that conservation is smart, and intelligent awareness is key – and telling him the truth about things – I know my sensitive friends will say I shouldn’t burden a child, but I believe in reality;
  • No new debt at all – Santa’s sleigh is going to be light this year to ensure that “all the kids of the world can get something”;
  • We have no credit card debt;
  • We are paying off our house by making extra mortgage payments – it is no exaggeration the importance of a debt free roof over your head in years to come – you may be the life boat that someone needs one day;
  • We’ve bought good bikes – and I ride mine everywhere now….it’s fun, saves, money and energy, and makes me healthier – can driving a fucking car say that?
  • Get in shape – it takes no money: I do 100 push ups, 100 sit-ups and 140 ten-pound weight reps every day in my house – and I still drink, and stay up late….so I aint sayin I’m better than you;
  • Use less energy – “lights out until dark”; faucet off when brushing; 64 is toasty at night;
  • Cash, cash , cash – the “market” is rigged – and I’m not smart enough to figure it out – get out now if you are in – we’ve reached a high and a bust is coming
  • Make yourself aware: Google provides the most freedom that anyone on earth has ever had, and still we are sheep. Google this shit – find out what’s happening – educate yourself! The internet has come along at exactly the right time – we can learn for ourselves what is going on. In this day there is no excuse for being stupid.
  • At least ask where your food comes from – it may not make any changes, but it sure does make you aware…

There’s some other shit we are doing.  Some great people in this town are growing food, working for justice, and generally making things better – I’m doing a fraction of the good work. 

Basically we are toast if collapse happens. I believe it wont if we start now. But it could….frowny face….:_( 

 Happy face and smile with me!


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  1. Stacey

    How far does that food you eat have to go to get to you? Who and how do they grow it? I bet you might know someone who has actually written a book about it….Turn off the lights if you’re not in the room. Put a damn sweater on. Buy ‘recycled’ clothing, don’t water your yard, in the summer cook in the a.m. or don’t use the stove top at all. Do laundry on cold and do it during the evening during the winter so you can get some of that yummy warmth from the dryer. Lots of stuff… Easy. Just treat everything as if it were your grandmother’s.

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