100% Renewables in 20 Years

Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi, Scientific American

A plan to achieve 100% renewable energy in twenty years.

Key Concepts
Supplies of wind and solar energy on accessible land dwarf the energy consumed by people around the globe. (WWS = Wind, Water, Solar)
The authors’ plan calls for 3.8 million large wind turbines, 90,000 solar plants, and numerous geothermal, tidal and rooftop photovoltaic installations worldwide.

The cost of generating and transmitting power would be less than the projected cost per kilowatt-hour for fossil-fuel and nuclear power.

This is possible  but shortages of a few specialty materials, along with lack of political will, loom as the greatest obstacles.

If you haven’t seen this, here is a marvelous primer on how this could be done – well worth your time in clicking on it!  http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=powering-a-green-planet



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2 responses to “100% Renewables in 20 Years

  1. Matt

    Glad to see they rank ethanol as the worst energy solution (slide 5). Let’s end the subsidies for that and concentrate on electric transportation.

    What do you think of Kentucky’s future in a wind and solar generated energy economy? We don’t seem to do well for either geographically.

    • steveaustinlex

      I agree that ethanol is fool’s gold – but I’m thinking electric may be too – mass transportation and electric could be very positive – but I also think that many people are wishing for a solution that will enable the car centric culture to continue (how’s that for alliteration?)

      I’m in no way convinced that we will have the energy to do massive electric transportation – I dont think that we will ever be able to scale up electric production to keep 250 million vehicles running, nor can we scale up production of the vehicles themselves – the cost to transition to electric vehicles will be staggering, and as you’ve noticed on this blog, we are not getting richer, plus what about those people who dont have handy access to an electric outlet? are they just losers? 🙂

      I do think that we can produce energy locally from wind and sun – but we have to think about the scale those sources will provide – we wont be able to have nearly the amount of energy we have today – but we can have a good amount if we plan for it – clearly though renewable energy here will never match what we have today

      thanks for your comments and for reading

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