Fresh Food for Our Neigborhoods NOW

New York City has instituted great way to get fresh food into neighborhoods where stores don’t offer it:  Green Cart.
We have that problem here, in the East End for example. But there are many places in Lexington, on both sides of Main Street, that need handy fresh foods. Not everyone has a car, or the time to ride the bus, to a supermarket. This idea provides a balance: bringing food into the neighborhood, but without the overhead of actually building a structure. Keeps costs down, which keeps prices down, which enables more people to buy healthy food. Better health, and a better quality of life result. Who can be against that? Thanks to smart person Becca S for the tip! 
Here’s a snippet from the NYC Green Cart website:

“Green Carts are mobile food carts that offer fresh produce in certain New York City areas. Local Law 9, signed by Mayor Bloomberg on March 13, 2008, establishes 1,000 permits for Green Carts.

The Green Cart Initiative is supported by a $1.5 Million grant from the Laurie M Tisch Illumination Fund. This grant funds micro-loans and technical assistance for Green Cart operators, as well as branding, marketing, and outreach to encourage residents of the Green Cart areas to purchase fresh produce from the carts.”


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