Riding the Streets……AND GETTING HIT

well, it was bound to happen – I got hit this morning in a cross walk WITH the white walk sign at Vine and Rose….and the guy took off – I’m alright, didnt knock me down – dinged my front wheel…

The guy was enraged that I was crossing – I could see it in his face – he absolutely wasnt going to let me go in front of him, he pulled right across my path and I hit his back rear door  – as he speed off he did look in his mirror, I guess to see if I was dead or not….

Older white guy, bushy hair, driving a subuaru outback with business lettering on the side…be on the look out – I’ve reported it to the police as a hit and run….

A woman saw what happened and stopped to see if I was ok – so there is a good side left in some people….


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