Peak Oil: The Tea Party Weighs In

Suburban Americans are the biggest junkies of all.

(But I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what they think of themselves….:-)

This video features a speaker from the Tea Bagger group American Solutions.  Their solution to what the American Military has called THE crisis of our times?  Drill Baby Drill. No facts. No Figures.  Just shilling for the oil companies.

The fact is that we can drill all over our land and the most oil we could find would only support our current demand for 5-8 years at best.  This also leaves out the fact that “our” oil companies don’t belong to the government.  Meaning they can sell the shit where ever they want to.

Here’s the reality.  We are junkies.  We will do whatever it takes to keep our habit supplied.

Because we are junkies, we find morons like these to tell us it will be ok. Even if just for a little while longer.  Hell, even the little blond-haired tea bagger  says oil will run out  But it’s the total sickness that says “we don’t need to deal with this today…”  If a person of color said that, these tea baggers  would go nuts.   They would scream “take responsibility!”

But white, suburban America is not showing any responsibility.  The funny thing is: white America has the worst addiction of all.



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2 responses to “Peak Oil: The Tea Party Weighs In

  1. Tim

    Steve, I think you know my stance on oil/gas/energy…..but have you heard of the Marcellus Shale formation in the Appalachians ( Just another stupid supply source for these nut jobs to use as backing for more drilling–and the drilling process for this natural gas is similar to coal mining, with enormous slurry ponds and huge water quality problems. Could be our next environmental disaster.

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