Mammoth Cave Field Trip

Just got back from accompanying my son on his class trip to Mammoth Cave.  He had a blast.  Me, I loved getting away from the Lex – there’s not any cell service for AT&T so I just had to relax.    Wasn’t bad at all.

But being 200 feet underground with a bunch of kids is not good for a neurotic like me.  What if the lights go out?  What if someone jumps over a rail?  What if there’s an earthquake?  I was emotionally exhausted after the cave tour.

All in all it was a good trip – the weather was great and the kids so enjoyed it. Campfire, sing along, nature hikes, and plenty of running crazy.

I do have some issues with the rooms in the Lodge.  This place is a US National Park and the rooms are below 3rd world standards and I know because I’ve been to the 3rd World. Ratty carpets, nasty bathrooms, can see the mattress through the sheets….eeeew.  The food wasn’t any better.   Such a shame.

ha!  this IS NOT the main course….but still, this is a premier national park – why the low quality of lodging and food?  Do we not care?  Can we not afford it – either as taxpayers or visitors? I do like the plate itself, though.

On the up side, everyone was very nice.

I did notice a HUGE increase in truck traffic on I-65 – tells me at least part of the economy is restarting.  I drove thousands of long distance highway miles from late 2008 until now – last summer trucks were almost non-existent.  Sound like good news?  Nope.  This tells me that gas prices will be over $3 by Memorial Day.  And going up from there.



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2 responses to “Mammoth Cave Field Trip

  1. Having driven to either Bowling Green or Glasgow several times in the last few years I can attest to the number of trucks on that stretch of I-65. I also know that it is one of the most dangerous roadway in this half of the United States. I wish that the majority of the freight being handled by those trucks would be switched to rail but the record of the paralleling CSX, pertaining to derailment is not the best.

    Soon we will have to make a choice: either a) abandon the Interstates to the trucks and freight or b)require all freight to be hauled by rail and leave the Interstates to passenger service (auto or rail)

    The economy is NOT restarting, just trying to get back into fail mode.

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