Pittsburgh Proves Population Possibilities

Tom Eblen has a nice article in the Herald Leader about the Chamber trip and what they are learning in Pittsburgh entitled “How Pittsburgh Pulled Itself Out of the Pit.”


He reports all the usual economic boosterism, “high tech,” “eds and meds” etc.  All the usual quality of life reports about livability, etc. 

What isn’t fully reported is that the city of Pittsburgh has lost more than 50% of its peak population.   What isn’t reported is how the overall metro has lost over 100,000 people in the last few years, and is still losing people at the rate of 10,000 a year.  In fact, the city of Pittsburgh is now smaller than the city of Toledo.  Do you think any of the chamber trippers will hear that sweet fact?

Yet the article states that Pittsburgh has 45,000 more jobs now than it did during its steel making heyday.  

What that means for Lexington is that we do not have to have any population growth to increase jobs.  It’s that simple.  If Pittsburgh can lose massive amounts of population and still gain jobs, then we can too.  So we dont need to listen anymore to developers clamoring for more green fields. 

Smaller is better, “no growth” is real.   Good for the Chamber to expose this.


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