Turning a parking lot into a community garden

Pomegranate Center is the great firm that we’ve partnered with to help us plan and build the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden. They do community improving work all over – here is one great example.  We are fortunate to have this group working in our city – we can learn from them, and then keep it going ourselves!  This is from their website.

Crossroads Community Garden gateway

Crossroads Shopping Center in Bellevue, WA, is an extraordinary gathering place for many reasons: a superb international food court, free live music, a farmer’s market, and fierce chess tournaments.  So it was no surprise to us when Ron Sher, Crossroad’s developer, told us about his vision to turn part of a parking lot into a community garden. Pomegranate Center worked with gardeners and volunteers over three days to transform this lot into a beautiful, memorable community space.

On June 12, 2009, the sound of power tools bounced off of pavement and across the mall parking lot calling the attention of shoppers and movie-goers passing by. Over the next three days, we worked together to build a garden fence, gateway, kiosk, benches and a picnic shelter. Over 30 volunteers – including every community gardener with a plot on the site – gave their time to this project. “I knew we were getting a fence,” said Alex, a new gardener at the site and avid volunteer at the workshops. “But I had no idea it would be this beautiful!”

Crossroads is now home to yet another unique community space – a parking lot p-patch!

Crossroads P-Patch Painting


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