The End of Growth In Lexington: All 4 mayoral candidates are for smaller guvment!

Conservative radio genius Leland Conway questioned the candidates last Friday on WLAP:  “the first question was whether the candidates favored bigger government or smaller government.

Conway asked for a one-word answer. Mayor Jim Newberry, Vice Mayor Jim Gray, former Mayor Teresa Isaac and businessman Skip Horine all said “smaller” — although all but Isaac managed to tack more words onto their answer. “

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This then puts them all in the position of being against growth – so we should expect the end of physical sprawl as well as infill development in Lexington, right?

See, if they are all for smaller government, that is completely at odds with a growing population.

More people mean a need for more police officers, fire fighters, building inspectors, traffic managers, sewer operators and more.   It cannot be otherwise, unless we lower standards of protection and service, fewer police officers per capita, for example.

Oh but maybe what they really mean is that they are for MORE population growth, while at the same time, LESS public safety and infrastructure.   More danger and a lower standard of living in the guise of better government “efficiency.”

Or it could be they are for growth, but that government should only provide the basic level of services, and that the fluff – like parks under the current administration, or city planning – should get cut.   That would be unfortunate because it’s the “fluff” that provides the amenities that will enable us to compete for talent.  At least that’s the economic development position so many around the city have taken.   So no fluff, no talent driven jobs.  Less payroll taxes for the city, less ability to provide even basic services to a growing population, and so on.

Sounds to me like in their rush to prostrate themselves at the altar of conservatism, the candidates didn’t do a very good job of thinking through the consequences of their answers.  We are facing very tough times as it is.  It could get really scary over the next few years as we race ourselves to the bottom.


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