95,000 Barrels a Day

Watch what BP now calls a “very, very modest” environmental issue – and think about our own culpability in this….

Yesterday fromHuffPo:


“Based on the original video released by BP, another witness, Purdue University mechanical engineering professor Steve Wereley, had estimated the oil spill rate at 70,000 barrels a day. On Wednesday, Wereley said that the new videos, showing a second leak, upped his estimate by another 25,000 barrels a day.”

Here’s what 95,000 barrels a day does to Lexington – if we assume a square 3’x3′ per barrel, then each day, the barrels would cover 2.2 acres of land.  Below is the beginning map showing how quickly the barrels of spilled oil will cover Lexington – this is just from today forward, it doesn’t count the shit that’s been spewing for the last month….


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