Oh God what has Rand Paul done to Kentucky?

Rand Paul was on Rachel Maddow’s show  last night.   I thought he completely self-destructed but I’m sure the teabagging morons just ate it up.

This is quite simply what it’s coming to in this country: demanding racial equality is an “attack weapon from the other side….”

Rand Paul says it clearly:  Civil rights shouldn’t apply to private businesses.  Do “Libertarians” believe that individual freedom is so important as to deny freedom to an entire race of people? And people with handicaps? And people with different sexual orientations?  And religions?  Where does it stop?

And God, that stupid comment about the “handicapped guy.”  Why yes, I dont need guvment telling me to put in a $100,000 elevator for him – I’ll just stick him on the first floor.  See.  All fine and dandee.

Seriously.  This is a person with absolutely no understanding of the idea of equality.  It’s not in his makeup.  Be afraid when some white country club conservative comes to tell you that he’s going to stick you on the first floor.

This is a HUGE black eye for  Kentucky, and especially for Lexington as we strive to become a “talent magnet.”  You know, talent comes in all sorts of packages.  Who on earth besides a white conservative would ever want to come to this state?  The mayor, council, and chamber need to reiterate that discrimination is wrong, and that it is against the law, and that Lexington repudiates these views!  Do a little damage control.  Doubt it though.  Standing up for equality is too controversial here.


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