Walkable Food? Ain’t Happening Here

Here is a map showing the northern part of the city inside New Circle Road.  There are 5 major groceries.  There are 3 smaller/”neighborhood” ones in the East End, 2 in the Kenwick area.  Are there other smaller ones?

But a variety of food is not available in these places, nor is there a selection of fresh food available.  So, to get that you have to drive – or ride the bus for God knows how long.  This is the greatest burden on people without cars, the elderly, and people with disabilities.  Surely we can do better and begin creating a new city based on the accessibility of fresh food. (click for larger view) (Alert Reader Aaron G tipped me off that I missed Walmart at New Circle and Russel Cave – how could I have?! – doesnt change anything….but the map is now more accurate – He also points out a couple of smaller stores too….)

This map wouldnt be much different for the southern parts of the city inside New Circle, or for anywhere outside it either….the point remains the same: for fresh food, we are desperately at the mercy of large stores, and the cars to get to them.



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3 responses to “Walkable Food? Ain’t Happening Here

  1. Aaron German

    It looks to me that you did not map the Walmart at Russel Cave and New Circle, which is very close to the densely populated area just outside the circle at that intersection.

    There is also a Kroger at Bryan and New Circle. Technically this is outside the circle, but it is within walking distance for many inside the circle.

    I also think that it isn’t unreasonable to walk a mile to the store and back, and if you go by bike you could increase that distance.

    But I still think your over all point stands: grocery shopping for many without cars in this town can be very burdensome.

    What can be done? If many small grocery stores were to open, I wonder what the cost of items would have to be in order for them to stay in business. Supposing it would be more than what Walmart charges, one thing we could do would be to increase the amount of money for food stamps so people could afford to shop at their local grocery store. Or find some way to make living-wage legislation work.

    • steveaustinlex

      Thanks Aaron – I added the wal-mart – I didnt include those outside New Circle simply because crossing that road sux so bad that it’s really off limits to those inside. And I made the radius really small so that I could dramatize how bad it is for the elderly, handicapped, or other people to have access to fresh food…I can ride to Kroger and back on my bike with a backpack and get a lot….but a lot of people cant – and we must do better than that


  2. Aaron German

    Just noticed that there is also a small grocery on N. Limestone and Locust, an H&M. I am not too sure if they have fresh produce or not.

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