My 2010 Predicitons Coming True

In late 2009 I wrote a set of 10 predictions for 2010.  I’ll update on the others, but today I want to visit this one:

“4.  Survivalism will become a real topic . An equal counterpoint to personal social responsibility will be the “every man for himself mentality.”  And not just in rural areas.  Suburban anger and fear will go mainstream and suburban neighborhoods will become ever more loaded with guns and dried food.  In a place like Lexington which is comprised nearly exclusively of suburbs, this is a real problem.  As we have seen, Lexington is becoming more diverse than ever and the suburbs are where it’s happening. This isn’t an inner city vs suburbs vs rural divide – this is true discord in our midst.”

I got a lot of disbelief over this one – “all is well, all is well” I was told.  Watch this video from the folks over at barefoot and progressive – this guy isn’t a lone wolf.  In fact, I think that he probably represents a very sizeable minority here in central Kentucky.  I really appreciate the makers of this video – takes guts to walk into that kind of territory.

Read the rest here:



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2 responses to “My 2010 Predicitons Coming True

  1. Ernie Yanarella

    What hath the Republicans wrought? Rand Paul and the Tea Party. Anyone with a solid and nuanced understanding of American history and political culture knows what C. Wright Mills argued fifty years ago: that the reactionary right in the United States are covertly the handmaidens or–in his words–the “shock troops” of the Republican Party. As investigative journalist reports have shown, the relationship between the an increasingly ideological pure Republican Party and the Tea Party is really quite tight both financially and ideologically. In the fifties, the Republican Party used the reactionary right to define the line between legitimate and kooky. Today like yesteryear, anything to the left of the Tea Partyers articulated by the Republican Party automatically becomes reasonable as the political center in this country moves further and further rightward. The defense of the Constitution and capitalism becomes a smokescreen for Republicans to erode our civil liberties in times of war(s) and to divert attention from the selfish and increasingly authoritarian behavior of corporate capitalist and transnational capitalist institutions. To the extent that governmental institutions suffer from bureaucratization and punitive practices and become tools–witting or not–of Big Business, they become a focus for the justifiable anger and animus of Tea Party members. The basic task of Republican party leaders like Mitch McConnell is to tone down the deeply held beliefs and rhetoric candidates like Rand Paul and turn these politicos to the Republican Party agenda. Years ago, one of my favorite teachers, Bertram Gross, wrote a celebrated article become book entitled, Friendly Fascism: A Model for America. As the reactionary right plies its trade and alternately labels mainstream and reform liberals like Barack Obama as “socialist” and “fascist,” it becomes clear that these impassioned, resentful instruments of corporate power don’t know much about either socialism or fascism. Sadly, it also demonstrates what a poor job those in academia and many in our news media have done in illuminating the political and economic ground we stand on or clarifying the larger forces shaping our local, national, and global systems.

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