Here’s the worst spill on record…..and how BP will be worse

From Wikipedia:  “Ixtoc I was an exploratory oil well being drilled by the semi-submersible platform, Sedco 135F in the Bay of Campeche of the Gulf of Mexico, about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche in waters 50 m (160 ft) deep.[1] On 3 June 1979, the well suffered a blowout and is recognized the largest accidental spill in history.”

“Approximately an average of ten thousand to thirty thousand barrels per day were discharged into the Gulf until it was finally capped on 23 March 1980, nearly 10 months later.[7]

This spill took 10 MONTHS to contain at a depth of 150 feet below the Gulf’s surface.  And this one was only discharging 30,000 barrels per day.

The BP spill is occuring 5,200 feet below the surface and is estimated to be spewing 95,000 barrels per day.

Pray that the spew gets capped – we dont need any more demonstration that our addiction is killing both people and earth.  And you’ll notice that I’m not referring to the spill as “McCain/Palin” here as I have for the last 30 days.  While the majority of residents of every county but 3 along the Gulf voted for McCain/Palin – and thus for “drill baby drill” – this is so serious that I cant even play this as partisan politics anymore.  No one deserves this – no matter how misguided their politics.


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