Making Art for the Isaac Murphy Art Garden

Spent the last two days working with community arts leaders and our friends from Pomegranate Center in Seattle.  We were trying techniques we could use to teach to children to help them create art for the Isaac Murphy Garden.  We have funds for the first phase of the Garden and construction will begin in late summer. 

The goal of the art is to express the importance of Isaac and other African American’s lives in the Thoroughbred Horse industry, the history of the East End, as well as a sense of the Renaissance that is occurring there.  The kids will make the art at various summer camps at Lexington Art League and Carnegie Center.  That work will then be integrated into the construction of the Garden.

We worked on two kinds of art:  decorated concrete tiles and painted banners.  We had a workshop on how to make both.   Stay tuned for more updates throughout the summer.

The types of art we were working on have been done by Pomegranate in other projects they have been involved with.


Here’s some pics of what we were doing:



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2 responses to “Making Art for the Isaac Murphy Art Garden

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy with cool stuff today!

    We can reconvene sometime soon!


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