No, I didn’t have one of these

I caught too much shit generally that I didnt need to add to  it.   This is an amazing piece however.  For such a high-tech man, Steve Austin sure didn’t really do much high tech stuff apparently.  Bending a train track.  Yeah, those bad guys love taking rail, not planes or space ships.  Jumping over a car.  Wouldnt it be better if could actually STOP the car?  (It does look like he’s doing the Steve Martin King Tut dance – it was the 70s.)

Look, he can run faster than a horse!  What is he a cowboy?   And what is he pointing at?  The hole in the ground caused by him ripping out the tree?  Is he warning the horse?   And speaking of the tree, isn’t it fairly rare that you need to pull an entire tree from the ground?  Even if you are in a bad, bad fight?  Where’s the branches anyway?

Does Steve only have one outfit?  A tan leisure suit with a red turtleneck?  Poor Steve.\

And what’s the deal with Steve’s angry Elvis face?

I guess the designers couldn’t think of a way to illustrate his bionic eye.

If you look at the side panel, it looks like Steve is in a meeting.  Now THAT I can identify with.



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2 responses to “No, I didn’t have one of these

  1. The doll was awesome! You could look thru the bionic eye. I loved the show when I was a kid! Andre the Giant as a robotic bigfoot built by aliens. F in’ supercool.

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