“Your sacrifice is coming….” Glenn Beck 6.14.10

Glenn Beck is a hate-filled moron of a donut, but what I think doesn’t matter.

Through him we can see how the dangerous people will spin the increase in energy prices due not only to years of Republican corruption in oversight, but due to the natural forces of peak oil.  We are facing a low energy future.  (And hell, I’m even assuming that climate change will never enter the discussion as it appears that few, if any, on the Democratic side are sincere about lowering emissions – it will be an  even lower energy future if we decide to stop killing the atmosphere.)

No, instead of the truth that energy has limits, and that in a free market scarce goods go to the highest bidder, we will hear that Obama and liberals are denying you the right of cheap energy. (read that again)

And people will accept this, even reasonable people, because we are so hooked on cheap energy that we simply cannot, will not accept the alternative:  that the party’s over.

So this could be how it all ends:  right wingers will whip normal Americans into frenzy by lying that the limits to our lifestyle are politically, not environmentally, based.  “God gave us Americans the right to all the abundance of this entire world.  Only men can deny this to us.” 

This could lead to landslide political victories for the forces of darkness, intolerance and personal greed.  From there, it’s “lookout world, here we come!”  And every year, it continues to get worse. 

And it will all happen in a democracy.  

Don’t think that it could happen democratically?  Check out what I posted today about how teabaggers are destroying a city by simply voting.  https://steveaustinlex.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/colorado-springs-a-city-being-destroyed-by-teabaggers/

We have a tough row to hoe my friends….


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