Colorado Springs: a city being destroyed by teabaggers

Watch this video and be amazed.  This is how democracy works:  a majority of voters can decide to deliberately destroy a city by refusing to pay for the things that create quality of life, safety, and economic development for everyone.    That’s what is happening in Colorado Springs right now. 

If I had more respect for their intelligence, I’d think this was part of a right wing plan to rid the city of anyone who can’t afford a nice house in the far suburbs.  Instead, I think this is simply blind hate of the social contract that has existed in cities for 10,000 years: that there is a price that comes with enjoying the benefits of civilization, aka “city life.”

Now, what we are seeing is simply:  “I’m not paying anymore.  I can live, too bad for those who can’t.” 

click on the BIG pic to play

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3 responses to “Colorado Springs: a city being destroyed by teabaggers

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  2. Matt

    This is coming to Lexington and Kentucky and most of the country because of government employee pension plans that are billions in the hole. Last I saw, Kentucky’s fund was expected to go bankrupt in 2022 if we get 8% returns each and every year, which is not going to happen. (Did you read that New York is borrowing from it’s pension fund to make this years pension fund payments?!?)

    Things need to change and the coming contraction in government revenues is reality, not tea party fantasy.

    • steveaustinlex

      Yes, fiscal austerity is coming – because we’ve reached the end of growth….my argument against the teabaggers is this: we can face austerity as true community or we can make it “us” v. “them” – if we get to that point, then we all lose.

      Austerity or not, we all still have to share the space we live in. We must find ways to make it possible, and work

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