Who are we?

As we grapple with our Independence induced hangovers, it’s as good a time as any to remember who and where we are.

This is from:

The lost civilization: Finding a reality-based frame of reference in the age of delusion

by Dan Allen


Who we are NOT: Consumers; interchangeable industrial employees.

What we are NOT: Socially-self-sufficient individuals realizing our fullest personal potential in a virtual reality of our own design.

When we are NOT: At the dawn of the information / technological / globalization / unlimited-clean-energy revolution.

Where are we NOT: Just any-place; everywhere and no-where; in cyberspace.

Why we are NOT: To ‘grow’ a potentially-infinite human economy within a finite biosphere.

Who we are: Potential producers; unique individuals with a true personal ‘calling’ — even if it hasn’t yet been identified.

What we are: Intensely social apes who thrive only within the deep relationships and intricate web of close social bonds that constitutes a real community.

When we are: Beginning the down-slope of industrial civilization’s extended collapse: the Great Simplification, Kunstler’s ‘Long Emergency’, Greer’s ‘Long Descent’.

Where we are: In a very specific physical location with a unique & well-defined (but changeable) human and natural ecology.

Why we are: To maximize the health of human and biotic communities.


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