Building a living economy in Northern Colorado

From “Be Local Northern Colorado”


We are dedicated to a Living Economy: locally-sustainable and globally-fair. We support independent community- and land-based businesses and advocate for a whole, resilient community and bioregion.

Definition:  A Living Economy ensures that economic power resides locally, sustaining healthy community life and natural life as well as long-term economic viability.


New alliances are required as our community localizes to meet more of our basic needs using the talents and resources in our bioregion. We bring together diverse sectors providing goods and services for home, work, and play. We sponsor projects and events to focus our shared commitment to healthy food, water and land.


Community-and land-based businesses are at the core of a local living economy. We work with independent businesses to develop community visibility and customer loyalty. We strive to find a common voice and sustainable collaborations and connections.


Building a locally-sustainable and globally-fair economy requires strong, diverse relationships. We partner with businesses, public entities, community organizations, and everyday citizens. We promote awareness and action. We envision fresh possibilities.


The “Great Eight”:

  • Lead the community in shaping a living economy: Locally sustainable and globally fair.
  • Build a vibrant, independent business alliance across multiple sectors providing meaningful, practical benefits and avenues for collaborative action.
  • Nurture a re-localized food system where local supply meets demand and healthy food is accessible to all.
  • Maintain Be Local’s innovative and catalytic power and associated income stream.
  • Expand community education about the power of a re-localized economy.
  • Continue to set high bar for a vision of what’s possible in northern Colorado.
  • Create a well-respected, thriving organization characterized by a strong Board of Directors, a superior staff attracted by a high vision and fair pay and benefits, enthusiastic community members and volunteers and a sustainable revenue model with multiple revenue sources.
  • Remain mindful of avoiding unintentional overextension beyond our resources, scrambling for resources and polarization within the community.

 Take the Be Local 20/20 Challenge…

As of June 16, 2010
20/20 Pledgers = 634
Direct Impact = $253,600
Economic Multiplier* (2x-4x)= $507,200 – $1,014,400

Most of us spend 20 bucks a week to eat, shop, play, and just plain live. BE LOCAL 20/20 is challenging us to spend it mindfully … and help us generate new measures for community economy.

SIGN THE ONLINE PLEDGE. Spend $20 each week  – of your usual budget – at local unique businesses for the next 20 weeks. The more people who participate in the challenge, the more we invest to keep Northern Colorado a great place to live.

CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS & EMPLOYEES. You can double-triple-quadruple your impact by forwarding the BE LOCAL 20/20 Challenge to your friends and encouraging them to take the Pledge!

TELL US WHERE YOU SPENT YOUR 20 BUCKS! People are posting great ideas on where they are spending their $20 and you can, too.

*National studies indicate that money spent with local independent businesses circulates 2-4 times in the local economy. (This is the most conservative analysis – it can be up to 7 times depending on the business.) Simply put, supporting independent businesses extends the impact of your funds.

Support unique, independent and homegrown Northern Colorado…eating, drinking, shopping, getting healthy, getting cultured, growing community, growing Living Economy


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