A bank that doesn’t charge interest?

My goodness, this sure seems like socialism.  And why do these people have such a problem with charging interest?  That is unAmerican!

Why just read what this bank stands for:  “JAK is for a just and fair economy. By this we mean a sustainable economy that takes all environmental costs and gains into account and aims to increase long-term prosperity for everyone. Through its savings and loan program and its efforts to spread information about the ill effects of interest on money, JAK is working actively to promote an economy that does not exploit people or nature.”

Oh, this is dangerous stuff.  PLEASE don’t watch this on your personal computer – when THEY come for you they will find that you have been viewing seditious material.   Click over to Fox.com now.

I warn you:  do not click on this link – THEY will know you have….you can’t undo your tracks on the path to socialism….

http://jak.aventus.nu/22.php?HIST=,968, (click on “why interest free”)


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