A Sneak Peak at the Legacy Trail

Our friend Kate Sprengnether has written a nice piece about the art on the Legacy Trail – over at the Lexington Art League’s Artbeat Blog –  http://artbeatlexington.com/2010/07/17/a-sneak-peak-at-the-legacy-trail/

View of the Legacy Trail behind the YMCA on Loudon Ave, taken on June 23.

I know you’ve all heard of it…but how much do you really know about the Legacy Trail?  I’m going to take this opportunity to share some information with you…

A major portion of the Legacy Trail is under construction this summer.  This 9-mile portion will travel from the North Family YMCA on Loudon Avenue, across Lexmark, Coldstream Research Park, UK’s Maine Chance Farm, ending at the Horse Park.  The final segment of the trail will be constructed next summer and will extend the trail from Loudon Avenue to the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden on Third Street.

View of the pervious concrete section of trail, taken from Citation Ave bridge.

The most exciting thing about the Legacy Trail, for me, is the inclusion of art all along it.  There are three projects that we are working on this summer, and 26 artists who are carrying out the projects.  It has been a great privilege to work with this  group of phenomenal artists!

Philip High’s Blaze Design

The first project, well underway, is artist-designed flags, called Blazes (and since artbeat readers are special, you get a sneak peak at two of the Blazes designs–at left and below).  The Blazes artists are:  Don Ament, Charlie Campbell, Stephen Dorsett, Jan Durham, Jim Eichner, Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, Philip High, Laura Mentor,  Lennon Michalski, Mary Lamb Nehring, Kathleen O’Brien, Mary Rezny, Bianca Spriggs, Lina Tharsing, and Jamie Watkins.  The second project is artist-designed crosswalks, called Crossings, and we are working with a multi-talented architect, Angela Co, for these.  And the final project is the Tapis, paintings right on the surface of the trail.  The Tapis artists are:  Christy Buckner, Elsie Kay Harris, Christine Kuhn, John Lackey, Lori Larusso, Pat Ritter, Dan Selter, Niah Soult, Helene Steene and Liz Swanson.

Lennon Michalski’s Blaze design

And the really amazing news?  We’ve raised approximately $110,000 to pay for the art!   In this economy, I think this figure speaks to the excitement that is generated by the Legacy Trail, and the hope for Lexington that comes with it.  The Legacy Trail is something truly unique and visionary for our community, and it will be enjoyed by residents and visitors for years to come!

Happy trails to you…


So, mark your calendars for the Legacy Trail Premier on September 12, 2010, 1pm to dusk! Be among the first to walk, run, bike, or meander along the trail.  Bring a picnic & make an afternoon of it.  Festivities will happen at the North Family YMCA Trailhead and the Coldstream Park Trailhead.  For more information, please “friend” the Legacy Trail on Facebook, or check out our website.


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