Delta SUCKS – more random thoughts from my summer

I realize how incongruous this post is compared to the one below – but alas, such is our life.  I realize that I am not  a true environmentalist, that I am going to have these moments of dissonance.   But I do have a total beef with Delta – see below.

Yes, I flew out last week to the north country. For my 2nd  visit this year.

We flew right over the Legacy Trail – it looks AWESOME – 9 miles of trail through country-side so clearly visible from the air.

We then flew over Lake Carnico, a special place of mine.  So many memories seen from 15,000 feet. 

Once we hit DTW, where I hadn’t been in a year, I was struck by the lack of “Red Tails.”  Delta is everywhere now.  That will take some getting used to.

Flying, is fun, for the most part.   I’ll always love looking down.  I do realize that flying is fading out for so many of us.  Soon, only the rich will be able to afford it. And then we’ll curse our lack of trains.

Science Note:  It takes 5 minutes to fly over Lake Huron. 

DELTA BLOWS:  I gave my carry-on bag to the gate check guy in Ottawa.  He took it.  I waited in DTW to get that same bag.  No luck.   I looked out the corridor window – MY BAG!  I knocked  on said window to alert the strong, honest,  brave men unloading bags.  No luck. So I slightly said:  “what the fuck is wrong with you fuckers?”

That got the attention of the actual pilot who was exiting the plane.  He was actually quite nice.  He volunteered to go down and rescue my bag. 

In doing so, he realized that the “genius” in Ottawa didnt put a “pink tag” on it, therefore I was not eligible to actually get my carry on bag back despite the fact that I was STARING AT IT FROM 20 feet away.  Nope, he said, it would have to be sent some other way.  Not his fault.

Then no one in the DTW airport had ever actually seen this kind of fuck up.  They said it would get to me.  Soon.

In Lexington, I was assured that I would be soon reunited with my dirty laundry, my glasses, my gifts for my family, my medicine and my FUCKING KEYS  (see I dont ever check luggage in case they lose it – I keep everything in my carry on)

So, from Sunday night till now, I’ve been calling, emailing, all to no avail.  I get very polite people at Delta who proclaim that they are SHOCKED that they actually managed to lose a carry on bag.  3 Days and counting.

Any thoughts?


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