Delta sucks – UPDATE

After losing my CARRYON BAG last week (see story below), Delta made good today.  I got my bag after 8 days.  Bless the hearts of the folks in Grand Forks, North Dakota, for that indeed is where my bag made it.  They found it yesterday – even though it got there on Tuesday of last week.  Damn, that must be some big airport.  They did call me and ask where I wanted it delivered and I, without thinking, said “my house.”  Tom didnt understand at first. See he was in NORTH DAKOTA. 

But he did wrap it up in a new LEX tag and sent it on its way to me. 

So, how did my bag go from planeside in DTW to GFK, via MSP, without me? Without me ever having been in ND?  Guess they could tell it was a nice bag that needed a ride – to somewhere.

I figured I would never see that bag again, so I do owe Delta props – I will tell them – I know the baggage phone number by heart now.

Weird all around, but happy ending.  Thanks to so many of you who must have been sending some good vibes.  I got my tea mug back!


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