Recognize this place? II

Fayette Mall, Nicholasville Road Lexington Kentucky

Is this the airport? Or the mall?  Funny how it’s now hard to tell the difference.

Seems kinda like there’s an invasion of tropical spikey plants.  I mean they are EVERYWHERE.  Look, there’s one hiding behind the column, ready to pounce! And behind the sweet orange couch, I see one’s head!

No wonder nobody is sitting in the otherwise tastefully designed and hued “conversation pits.”  Like anyone ever really had a conversation in the mall other than “wad ja get?” “Stuff” “These here plants are creepin me out”

Who would take a picture of a deserted mall and turn it into a postcard?  Lexingtonians, I guess – we don’t seem to like public life very much – either on real streets or even in the climate controlled fantasy of malls.

Here’s the back

Does anyone know Arnold Switow?  He had an eye for plants and furniture, that’s for sure.  Funny thing is, I got my ear pierced very near to the very date on this card in this very mall.  The girl said I was her first male customer.  I think she was flattering me.


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