Rcognize this place? IV

Our friend the Continental Inn.  A little piece of paradise if you ask me.  Great colors.  Love those egg shell chairs everywhere, grouped and ready for…… conversations.  The theme of the groups appear to be three blue, two orange, one white.  Must have been the decorator’s idea.  You know after a night of drinking and….conversations, those chairs got moved and mixed.   Were they put right every morning?  (Although the chairs in the narrow hallways would get to be a pain.)

What a pool!  It even had kind of a high dive.

One problem:  where’s the people?  Did the photographer blow in – cape, beret, and scarf – and say “dis plaze is mahvelous but we can not have ze people in ze shoot”

Or did the owner say to the photographer, “show my stuff, but don’t have any people in it to distract attention away from my stuff”


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