Recognize this place? VI

The Springs Motel Lexington Kentucky

The Springs Inn – it is no more.  Wow, look, there was intentional grass in Harrodsburg Road.  And tons of greenspace in front of the place. No pool, though.  That came later.  And remember, there used to be a huge sign?  What a little wiener in this pic!

I stayed here in 1977 with my mom and dad and sister – I was almost 13.  It was the second vacation of my life. 

My dad didnt like to travel – took him away from his golf and his girlfriends.  (see he was only 32 at the time).  So I guess Lexington seemed like a good bet.  We walked over to Turfland Mall a couple of times.  On Wednesday, August 10 1977 we went to see Star Wars.  It was the summer blockbuster.  We had to wait for my dad to finish watching a baseball game that went 18 innings.  Cubs- Pirates – here’s the boxscore.  It seemed like forever.  My mom was….nuts….to put it mildly.  Glad I can remember all this with this card. 

The Springs was also home base for my mom’s side’s Hoof and Cleete annual party.  I have many good memories of those times. 

And it was here, in the suites section, that I celebrated graduating from law school in 1999.

God, how many memories in one place.  And now it’s gone.

How did it last with such ghastly interiors?  The place on the right looks like somebody coughed up a lung.  The other a cancer splotch.  No wonder there was nobody in either place. 

But seriously:  how do you advertise a restaurant or lounge with NOBODY IN IT?

see the back

Radio-Telephone-Free TV – it had it all. Remember, there was a time when radio was a necessity.  And at some places, TV cost.


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