Recognize this place? VII

UPDATE:  Read the great comment below

Ranch Motel Best in the Blue Grass Lexington Kentucky

Classic.  Why buy new cards when you can just black out the old name and print in the new?   And you’ve heard of Austin City Limits.  Here in Lex, it’s the Eastern City Limits.  (Why is there an X on one of the rooms?)

Wait, I think I can make the previous name on the sign out front… says Day’s Motel.  Couldnt black that out.  So they just had to go with it and hope that no one would notice.  But I thought Day’s was on the Western City limits – and isnt it still called “Days?”

To add to the confusion – here is the Western City Limits Day’s Motel

Day's Motel Lexington Kentucky

Could it be that one hotel proprietor didn’t know there was another motel named “Day’s” within a few miles?  I guess we know who won.  OR was it a chain, both called “Day’s”? Signs sure look familiar. (I’ll write about this Day’s later – but do notice how this was on the edge of town at the time.  This view is looking south on Versailles Road.  And there’s a BARNand FIELDS right next to the motel.  Now it’s in the middle of town.

Cant beat this for a recco!  Well, you could actually….Simply describing the room isn’t really a good recommendation.  But hey, the Days Motel RANCH MOTEL was the “best in the Blue Grass.”  (Just not at brand transitions.) And it was “air cooled” – with fans.

It was Safe-Sane-Economical.  What do they mean by Sane?  Were other motels insane?  Were things so crazy in 1951 that people needed a motel to provide them with sanity?

In 1951, Radio was a necessity.



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3 responses to “Recognize this place? VII

  1. Prior to the ’50s there were two Day’s motels, one on Versailles Rd and the other on Winchester Rd. Both of these roads are designated as US 60. In late January of 1950 while on a trip to Houston, Mrs Sally Day took ill and died, leaving her husband to operate the two locations. In September of the same year he sold the Winchester Rd site to Ed West and A. W. Pieratt for $200,000. The property changed hands again in 1953 for a possible siting of a television station and tower as it is the highest elevation in side the New Circle Rd. Since 1953 the motel went by the Ranch motel or the Sportsman as the television station deal fell through.

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