Recognize this place? X

Phoenix Hotel Lexington Kentucky

Lexington used to be dense – and appears to have had anti-terrorist street furniture WAY before it was cool.  The building on the far end was torn down to make way for a “World Coal Center” or some such – it was made into a temporary park for the 1985 NCAA Final Four.  It’s still a park.  

Sound familiar as to a certain spot of land a little down the street?

I’m not certain – but wasn’t this the general area where Bill fucking Russell was refused to be served? Yeah, we loved BBall in this town.

But we have gotten better on race and urban planning.  No issues there anymore.  

To our city employee friends:  does it give you the creeps to know that you work in a space where people were doing it?

That awning and sign that says “The Pheonix” sure seems swinging.

And notice that is photo is pre-one way – see the black monster facing us?

Here’s the back

Not much of a recommendation.  But it could seat 1000 at a banquet!  That’s good eat’n I’m sure.  Firebird Lounge – nothing says 1970s like  that image. 

And”Free Color and B&W T.V.” – glad they didnt charge extra for either one.

Here’s the creepy thing:  this card is dated on my mom’s 34th birthday.  And the card I put up last night was dated on her 39st birthday.  How many cards are there out there that I can randomly find about LEX dated with that particular date?


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