Forbes: Forget high speed rail, morons

Forbes is at again. Well, actually they are always at it. Promoting class warfare disguised as capitalism-will-save-the-world. Yeah, has it? (And yes, I’m a subscriber. So make that two magazines I don’t know why I get, but I do (Dwell) – the hate-zine trifecta is in play.)

Today’s screed is about high speed rail. Steve Forbes just cannot understand why on earth we need it. It’s just pork. And he knows the only groups that really want to benefit from high speed rail:

 “Environmentalists love them because they will allegedly get us out of our automobiles. Unions love them because government projects mean bloated payrolls, pay packages and pensions.”

 It is instructive to see what groups the right hates – environmentalists and unions. These two groups stand in their way of absolute domination of the world. The health of our planet and that of us workers be damned.

Peak oil will get us out of our cars. And the only fucking bloated “payrolls, pay packages and pensions” reside with the monsters of capitalism. How can this man say such things with a straight face?

Simple – they are out for our destruction. And by linking environmentalism with unions, the right is playing to the ignorant among us who believe that these things are demons.

Anyway, back to rail. Forbes says, “All of these rail projects couldn’t pass even a laugh test in the private sector…” Yep. The private sector is all about cars and airplanes. I’m sure that the private sector would turn down $billions rather than take such a horrible job as building passenger rail systems.

He really hits the nail on the head with this: “No wonder the St. Louis Post-Dispatch concluded: ‘Investing … in passenger railroads is a little like building a bridge to the 19th century.’”

Why yes, the 21st century is all about cars, cars, cars!

Seriously, we’ll be damn lucky to get a bridge to the 19th century, since that’s where our economy is headed due to peak oil and other resource depletion, endless wars, and infrastructure collapse.

Coming back to my main theme: this is nothing but class warfare. The rich will always be able to get around, either in cars, planes, or jet packs. The rest of us, well not so much. High speed rail can ensure that we keep freedom of movement at least partially accessible to the rest of us. But maybe that’s the real plan here: they don’t want us going anywhere. Trapped minions are easy prey.

Read the filth here




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11 responses to “Forbes: Forget high speed rail, morons

  1. Robin

    Your assertion confuses me.

    Only well to do people will be able to afford to buy a ticket on HSR but HSR will be heavily subsidized by all Americans, all across the economic spectrum…well do do and not so well to do and … adults, children and grandchildren not yet born.

    Is your problem with Forbes that it is opposed to the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich? Is that what’s got your undies in a bundle?

    Take a breath and think about your rant.

  2. Robin

    …crickets chirping…

    • ha….I’m getting around to responding – this week is a tad crazy

    • Hi “up-to-here”

      If I understand your conclusion: “Only well to do people will be able to afford to buy a ticket on HSR but HSR will be heavily subsidized by all Americans” –with the underlying assumption that it isn’t worth investing in – then I read you to be a person who understands collapse. Good on you. Thanks for coming to my site and challenging me.

      Yes Virginia (or Robin), we are collapsing. And in collapse, I do think that rail is a better project than highway or air. Rail is the most efficient in that it allows the highest per capita transport volume for the least amount of money, with the most benefit in terms of jobs and usage.

      In this large country, to ensure the highest interchange of ideas, and humanity, I think we need ways to connect at some relative speed. So what are the choices? Peak oil will ensure the de-democratization of air travel, and long distance car travel will get ever more shitty, and expensive. High speed rail , actually rail of any sort, could bring us back to some sense of parity with yesterday’s interconnectivity.

      Now, you’ve given an interesting proposition: HSR is actually only something for the wealthy, and the rest of us schmoes will have to subsidize it. And that Forbes is actually taking our side (assuming you too aren’t a billionaire) in opposing it.

      I could believe that. Really. I could.

      Except that Forbes has no credibility in any way being for us “humans.”

      Here’s what I think you are trying to say: My support for ensuring intellectual and personal connectivity, adding high skill jobs, and protecting the environment is simply a way to “transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.”

      The former I am for; the latter, you and I are against. Close? If so, then we could have some agreements.

      • Robin

        “High speed rail , actually rail of any sort, could bring us back to some sense of parity with yesterday’s interconnectivity.”

        It’s hard to argue against that kind of logic. By the way, what kind of logic is that, anyway?

        You bring up all these tangential ideas about collapse and de-democratization and intellectual connectivity to shift the attention away from your original rant against Forbes.

        I stick with my original position. If there is any class warfare going on with high speed rail, it involves transferring wealth UP the economic scale.

        Obama should be at the receiving end of your rant, not Forbes. Obama spends money we don’t have on rail we don’t need.

        As for your trying to put words in my mouth, you strike out. I said nothing about connectivity, jobs or the environment. If I had, I would have said (1) rail cannot even dream of providing the connectivity that roads do, (2) almost all the jobs created by rail would be low skilled, union jobs, and (3) there is no environmental benefit to high speed rail.

        If I had said those things, and if they were challenged by anyone with intellectual integrity, I would be prepared to back them up.

        But, from the tone of your comments to the three posts to your rant, I have you pegged as a narcissistic liberal (I know. That’s redundant) who idolizes Obama and, like Obama, does not tolerate opinions that differ from his own. Right? How did I do?

        So, have a ball. Put your head back in the sand and when Obama’s Folly begins running those empty trains, you explain to your children why you supported spending their money on it.

        I will go away now so you can delete this thread from your self adulation blog and no one outside of the 3 or 4 people who happened to have stumbled onto it will ever know that your 800-post streak was ever broken or that your opinions were ever challenged.

        Yes Sir, you are a moron. Although, if I were to sign as “O’Riley”, I would have called you a pinhead.

      • Geoff in Georgia

        Oooo. Nice shot Robin! You win this round.

  3. O'Riley

    What is it with you people. Forbes tries to keep Obama from taxing ordinary folks to build a monument train system to stoke his ego and give cut rate choochoo rides to fat cat lawyers like himself and you want to denigrate Forbes!

    Think about it. You call it class warfare. Who do you think is going to ride these trains, moron? Poor people? This is a case of distributing the wealth from Joe the Plumber and Jackie the Maid to Barry the Lawyer and Joe the Vice President.

    Idiots like you so idolize Obama, you think he’s only looking out for you.

  4. Geoff in Georgia

    Note to the person who says, “High speed rail can ensure that we keep freedom of movement.”

    Roads give you door to door access to 99.9999% of all places in the continental USA. Planes and boats will take you to Hawaii. Trains never will!

    In your wildest dreams, trains will give you access to maybe .0000001% of places. To go anywhere else, you’ll still need roads and cars and — brace yourself, you’re not gonna like this– GASOLINE to go the rest of the way.

    Suggestion. Get yourself a bike and spend the rest of your life 10 miles from home. Give your share of the worlds oil supply to somebody less fortunate than you.

    • Dear Geoff In Geogia – you are a genius. Really, you have the answer. Dont hate yourself so much.

      I have a bike and I would gladly give my share of the “worlds {sic} oil supply to somebody less fortunate than you”

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