Recognize this place? XV

Fayette County Court House Lexington Kentucky

By the late 1930s, Lexington was already becoming a car dominated city.  Cheapside was a parking lot – no sign of Breckenridge. Photoshopped out?  Were they embarrassed of their Confederate associations? No – there’s Morgan over there.  OK

Where is the transit?  Where are the people?

Let’s see:  no transit, lots of cars, but no people.  Kinda like the downtown we have today, 75 years later.  See, you get what you plan for.  We planned for cars.  Want proof?  How much nicer of an area would we have today around the courthouse if the buildings on Short Street – above the cars on the left – were still there?   Instead:  parking lot. But we did get Cheapside back, so maybe we’re getting there.

Do love the sun shades on the windows of the courthouse.



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2 responses to “Recognize this place? XV

  1. The camera angle is such that you don’t see the corner of the Court Square Building or the Breckenridge monument. I believe that two of the three buildings on Short St are still there. The only one missing is the one on the corner, the one mangled by the Herald-Leader to the point of demolition when they left.

    The transit was gone in 1938 and there was a depression going on at the time. Main St was two-way at the time and you would not believe the number of structures that have occupied the Cheapside space since 1805.

    In the age of no air conditioning, the Court House was designed to allow “flow through ventilation”, therefore all windows were operational and had shades (inside) and awnings (outside). Something we may have to go back to if energy costs rise too high. Our “modern” building will have to be redesigned, don’t you think?

    • Thanks – definitely our “modern” buildings will be uninhabitable when energy gets expensive….they are such closed systems – the ironic thing is that it’s the plain old ones that will work the best

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