Who said it?

“The very best we can hope for is a smooth and orderly transition from the modern oil powered world we have now to a stable world of little or no oil in the next hundred years or so. Human nature being what it is, I don’t look for that smooth and orderly part to happen so much. It would be comforting to think that we can change our lives without disruption and conflict; that we can all work together toward this one common goal and put aside our differences and minimize the trauma and drama. It would also be nice if there were no calories in chocolate and we could eat all we wanted without gaining weight. Again, don’t look for that to happen either. Peak oil, and the aftermath of that peak, is going to cause traumatic shocks that will unsettle virtually every aspect of our lives, no matter where you live.”

Chip Haynes, Peak of the Devil


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  1. Tao

    I agree but there are two mitigating factors.

    First, the impact of delining oil will take several generations to fully unwind. This will give us a chance to power down rather than starve to death.

    Second, Living in a world with less oil will affect everyone however some areas will be decimated while other areas will just go into decline and be re-invented.

    I predict older cities will fare better than new cities.

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