Our message to WEG goers: Sprawl Aint Us

My freind Steve (John) Hockensmith just uploaded this photo to facebook of what’s going on in downtown Georgetown.

What I see happening is the absolute repudiation of suburban sprawl.  Here in LEX, we’ve got our whole focus of the events in downtown.  Same for Georgetown. 

Why not have these celebrations out in the sprawl?  Simple:  sprawl aint us.  Sprawl aint our traditions.  Sprawl isnt who we want to be. 

Remember when the world came to central Kentucky in 2010 that  we showed them who we want to be:  LOCAL citizens, who live in a PLACE.

(Disclaimer:  I helped to design the streetscape in downtown Georgetown when I was the city planner there – we buried the power lines, which is one of my proudest accomplishments – see how good Main Street looks? I also designed the plaza around the courthouse, which you can’t see but I promise is cool too.)


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