My Punk Rock past

I was teenager living in South Florida in the late 1970s- early 1980s. (yeah I’m old.)   I was an outsider then (well, now too).  I didn’t slobber over Led Zep, Van Halen and Ted Nugent (now that he’s been exposed as a hater, glad I didn’t).

Anyway, back then, you could drive at 15, drink at 18.  And all I wanted to be was a Punk.  Bad.  So I heard this one band named “The Cichlids” somehow on the radio and they sounded suitably punk.  They were part of an all ages show at some strip mall in Hollywood.   I decided I would go.  I was almost 17.  It was early fall 1981.

I got there that night, in a flannel shirt and a knock off Members-Only jacket.  I was cool.

And then  The Cichlids took the stage.  And promptly scared the living shit out of me.  My first experience with real punk attitude.  I was stunned. I stuck to the rear wall of the tiny place.  And even in my desire to disappear, I managed to accidentally bump into a really beautiful cool girl who promptly stuck her fingers in her coke and then splatted them on me. I said I was sorry.  She walked away.

Damn I made a mess out of my first punk rock show.  Cant say I got much better.  But at least later I did have the excuse of booze.

Anyway, I found this video on you tube.  See basically what I saw – aint the internets great!

And here’s what I thought I was gonna hear:



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2 responses to “My Punk Rock past

  1. Danny

    I love reading these historical excursions into your musical past.

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