My Punk Rock past

I heard this band  maybe two or three times  when I was 15 or 16 on WSHE in Fort Lauderdale.  I think they got banned after that because some adult must have heard it.  They had something called “New Wave Lunch” or some such.  The high school I went to – Cooper City (go cowboys!) – was so huge and overcrowded that it ran on two shifts.  I was a junior, so I went to school at like 7:15 but was out by noon. Then it was off to the beach (remember, you could drive in FLA at 15 back then, and drink at 18).  On the way, we geeks would listen to the progressive sounds WSHE played (in between hours of Zep, Rush, AC/DC, Stones, Who, Peter Gabriel, etc…) I longed for the world “out there”.  I ended up here. Oh well, that’s for another day.

The Eat was a South Florida band and although I only heard this one song, I thought they were great.  You can find more on YOUTUBE.

I never found the single, or I would have bought it.  Never saw them live.  And I don’t think I ever heard this song after that – until now.  Thank you, YOUTUBE – you’re bringing back my childhood.


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