Kentucky’s always been in a recession

Here’s a demonstration of why the recession hasn’t felt nearly as bad here as it has in other states.  Food stamp usage has exploded across the nation over the last year. Yet, Kentucky ranks near the bottom in year over year increase in people utilizing food stamps.  I think the reason is simply that we already had so many people using them that the incremental increase just wasn’t that large.

We’ve always have been among the states with the highest unemployment and highest rates of poverty.  Now we can think of it like we were always in a condition of perpetual recession.  And nothing we’ve tried ever really changed anything.  Education?  There are more educated people than ever here, with more people in higher education every year, and now we’ve got educated people working at Walmart.  Manufacturing?  Toyota has been great, but it didn’t really move the needle on unemployment.  Services?  The largest sector of our economy, yet our incomes aren’t rising.

The only good news is that we’ve been lagging so long as a state, that the current national recession isn’t making things much more miserable than they have been for 100 years. Nationally, there isn’t any good news. Could the future of the US look a lot like Kentucky’s past?  Give you chills, but that may be more right than anyone will admit.

And now we’ve got hateful people like Neutered Gingrich who said yesterday that Democrats were  “the party of food stamps” while selling the GOP as “the party of paychecks.”

He went on:  “Most Americans would like to get a paycheck,” Gingrich said. “Most Americans would not like to be forced to have food stamps handed out by liberal Democrats.”

WTF?  Who is forcing people to take food stamps?  Oh, the government is.  That’s right.  By keeping the Republican created economy fucked up, Obama is fostering a legion of dependent minions who will only vote Democrat.  How’s he doing it?  With food. I knew Obama was smart, but this really is a masterpiece.  But thank God for the Repubs, who will get this country back to work!  Or at least take away people’s food.

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