Bluegrass employment: A lost decade

Not been a real good decade for jobs in the Bluegrass.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in August 2000, there were 221,456 jobs in the region.  In August 2010, there were 220,380.  10 years, a net loss of 1,076 jobs.

The number of unemployed people in the region in August 2010:  20,345.  If the unemployed were a city unto themselves, they’d comprise the 19th largest city in Kentucky – about the same size as Ashland and only slightly smaller than Georgetown.  If the unemployed here were their own county, that county would be larger than 71 others in Kentucky – and larger than Bourbon County. This is a significant problem that’s being masked somewhat by the fact that the unemployed aren’t concentrated, but the pain is no less real.

The labor pool has grown 5.5% over the last decade, while the number of jobs fell .5%.

The number employed regionally in Education and Health Services  has increased 50% since 2000.  Ahhhh, the last bubble.

Manufacturing jobs have declined 33% regionally.  This is especially troubling, seeing as how we have a relatively large manufacturing base due to Toyota.   What this could mean is that we’re losing non-Toyota related manufacturing jobs, making us even more dependent on auto manufacturing.  Not a good balance if that is the case.   Especially with a nasty oil shock looming on the horizon.

Government employment grew 13% between 2000 and 2009.

Get the stats here


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