Housing and transportation affordability in the Bluegrass

Here’s a couple of interesting maps from a really cool website.  The purpose of the website is for people to make informed choices about where they may want to live in a city or region based on affordability and CO2 emissions.

Here’s the methodology on assessing housing and transportation costs:  “H+T has been developed as a more complete measure of affordability beyond the standard method of assessing only Housing Costs. By taking into account both the cost of housing as well as the cost of transportation associated with the location of the home, H+T provides a more complete understanding of affordability. Dividing these costs by Representative Regional Incomes illustrates the Cost Burden placed on a Typical Household by H+T expenses. While housing alone is traditionally deemed affordable when consuming no more than 30% of income, CNT has defined an affordable range for H+T as the combined costs consuming no more than 45% of income.”

The maps below show just how much of our region is experiencing housing stress, spending more than 45% of income on housing and transportation costs. Not good news in theface of the coming oil shock.  Where do you live?


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