An ugly scene in Lexington

After reflecting for a while on the ugly scene perpetrated on Monday by Randy Paul’s supporters on a small, 23 year old woman, I have a few thoughts, most of which aren’t that brilliant, but rather kinda basic.

There’s anger walking the land. People are suffering. People are scared. And there’s a WHOLE lot of self-righteousness in the so-called “conservative” movement, that they and they alone, represent the real America. (Somehow, it’s gotten to be believed that they need to take back America. That’s not conservative, but radical. Nevermind.)

Yet they are winning, not losing. They are the majority. Randy Paul is cruising in the polls. The stuff that these people believe in is resonating. And yet they still feel like they should stomp a woman to keep their candidate safe.

I simply ask this: if these folks who feel so angry and threatened – and yet who are winning in the democratic process – are acting this way now, what will happen if they lose? Or win?

Seems to me that winning or losing doesn’t really matter any more. The only thing that matters is the anger. And the action it causes. Thus the inexcusable stomping. It was sanctioned by the people who were there in that they didn’t help to stop it until it was over.

And it certainly doesn’t matter that morally challenged people will write “she deserved it.”

In a Democracy, speech, not violence, is what’s used to rebut ideas with which one doesn’t agree. Apparently that truth is fading in Lexington. Perhaps it never made it to Bourbon County.

There’s a crisis in this country right now. Certainly an economic crisis brought on by the collision of peak oil and absolute greed.

But even more than that, there’s a moral crisis going on here.

Given the polls, a majority of Kentuckians think it has been brought-on by people with different color skin, or religion, or sexuality, and that government only exists to serve those weaklings. Thus we get Randy Paul.

I disagree. The real crisis is brought on by the hatred of members of the ruling class who see their rule ending.

There is indeed a crisis in this country now. But….

We don’t get out of this crisis by going back to the stone age.

We don’t get out of this crisis by going back to the antebellum age.

We don’t get out of this crisis by going back to the Jim Crow age.

We don’t get out of this crisis by electing a Christian Taliban.

We don’t get out of this crisis by creating suspicion and fear around every corner.

We don’t get out of this crisis by destroying the government that enables business to thrive, that keeps private property secure, that ensures social stability.

And we certainly don’t get out of this crisis by creating scapegoats to be demonized, such that getting your head stomped is something YOU deserve.

All of the above happened in a certain country in mid-Europe in the 1930s.

Here’s how we get out of this crisis. We embrace creative thinking that involves everyone – white, black, brown, gray, yellow, red, purple, gay, straight.

We get out of this crisis by coming together. We get out of this crisis by re-localizing our community. By helping each other to build a lasting local economy, and by creating a quality of life that enriches all people.

Who thinks that we can take back our country but alienate and exclude at least half?

Only haters.

Who has the courage to obey Jesus’s one commandment?

Who really cares about the best future for America? The stomping of one small person shows it aint Randy Paul’s people.

Where do you stand?



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