Election 2010

I’ve had a couple of prompts:  what’s my deal – who do I support?

I’ve tried to stay away from the election fever. Folks, we’re not making a choice between candidates who will save us, or even who will lead us. We’re simply choosing who will be in office when the major shit hits the fan.

Bush 2 got the luck last time; Obama says he tried to clean the shit up. If you haven’t noticed, neither succeeded.  Now it appears that the Repubs will get the “honor” again.   The oil shock is but a year or so away.

Instead of honesty about the real situation we’re in – really expensive energy, no economic growth, declining wages, stagflation, job losses, environmental change  – we’ll get a few more months of one political party preaching about what can be done to fix the unfixable.

Who is really telling us the truth? (no one)

We need real plans for adaptation to the new world, not pre-failed strategies for restarting “growth.”

We’ll all be disappointed soon enough about the plans for the return to “growth,” no matter what our affiliation.  No matter the person who becomes our new mayor.  I wish Jim Gray the best – I like Jim and plan to work well with him. I do think that he’s swimming against a current that is bigger than all of us.  I hope he shows the creative spirit about these issues in the same way he ran the mayor’s race – we’ll all support him if he does.

Maybe then we can get real about what truly matters to us humans: food, shelter, community, environment, and purpose.  That’s what this election should be teaching us.


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  1. Tim

    Too bad “Steve Austin” wasn’t on the ballot for Mayor. I voted for myself instead.

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