My Punk Rock Past 9

I think the eat was South Florida’s best punk band bar none. They got started in late ’78 and in ’79 issued this classic.

I never saw them live, and actually can’t remember exactly how I heard this record. I think a friend of mine had the 45 and played it for me.  I loved it instantly. “I walked out on the Indian Nation” grounds this in place, as South FLA is home to several Native American homelands….but given the rest of the lyrics, I just dont know why he did….

I’m dying to remember if they played this on WSHE – I dont think so, given the title and the absolute incomprhensibility of the lyrics….remember, in 1980, we were only a few years removed from the times when “poets” were the kings.

Damn this was exciting – full of piss (as the anglish would say) – and remember, I was an impressionable young lad….

Alas, South FLA was only to come close to this kind of genius a couple of more times…..coming up….google “the eat tentacle records” to learn more

the eat


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