My Punk Rock Past 10

Charlie Pickett and The Eggs really weren’t punk rock.  They just played straight ahead rock, but a that time it sure seemed radical, when Rush, and Styx, and REO, and all the bloated others were kings.  I saw them one time in early 82  I think at the Agora Ballroom in Hallendale.  I was 17.   The song below recounts the misery of the ghetto of Overtown in Miami and was recorded right before the riots.

Here’s a message to Charlie:  I loved you guys but  I always thought that “The Eggs” was a rotten name for a rock band.  “The Eggs” seemed new wavy, not rock, certainly not punk.   I think this held you back.  Seriously. 

charlie pickett and the eggs

read about where charlie is today Charlie Pickett now practices securities law in Palm Beach:

Before Pickett, 55, was a lawyer at West Palm Beach’s Casey Ciklin Lubitz Martens, he was a South Florida musical god. With his bands The Eggs and then The MC3, this guy from Dania injected a sweaty dose of rock-laced country and blues into the local ’80s music scene. He toured the United States, made one record on Minneapolis’ Twin Tone label, and then another produced by REM’s Peter Buck.

”At the crossroads where Johnny Thunders and Son House intersect, Charlie whipped up a bad voodoo vibe of heroin rock and midnight blues,” Buck wrote glowingly of Pickett’s music.

But it wasn’t enough.

”He was one of those great forgotten guys,” says Bloodshot’s Rob Miller, who encountered Pickett as a fan when the band hit Ann Arbor, Mich., in the 1980s.

That is, until last fall, when Bloodshot released the retrospective Bar Band Americanus, which brought Pickett a rave review in Rolling Stone and an invitation to Austin’s famed South By Southwest music festival.

”He has never given it up,” says longtime supporter Leslie Wimmer, who with then-partner Ted Gottfried released Pickett’s first discs through their OPEN Records label in Miami. “Why stop just because you didn’t quote-unquote make it?”


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