A nation of food stamps

Yeah, right, things are getting better…..be Thankful today.


According to a recent <em>Wall Street Journal report, food stamp usage has increased almost 60 percent since 2007.

Time-Lapse Video Of Food Stamp Participation Rates During The “New Normal”

Tyler Durden's picture

Submitted by Tyler Durden Zero Hedge

With everyone chanting the praises of the “better than abysmal” economy, we decided to post a time lapse video (since cartoons are all that stand an even remote chance of attracting some attention) prepared by John Lohman, of just how the New Normal has been progressing, both since the starts of the great depression in December 2007, and more importantly, since the beginning of the “end” of the recession. The result may surprise you. As John points out: food stamps – the only thing keeping 43 million Americans from going postal.” Hopefully the end of extended unemployment benefits coming December 1 won’t be that first one additional straw on the camel’s back that leads to a full blown fracture.


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