Planning As If

We are planning our city AS IF:

As if

We’ll never grow old

And we were never young

As if

Great times will never end

And yet “I’ll get mine now”

As if

Our houses are only for sleeping

And we need no “third place”

As if

Driving is forever

And we’ll never live locally 

As if

We are not heavy handed

And anyway the environment can heal itself

As if

Energy will always be cheap

And we don’t need to consider alternatives

As if

Food comes only from a supermarket

And healthcare comes from a doctor

As if

Respecting our heritage isn’t important

And we don’t need roots

As if

The economy will bring unending prosperity

And there’s no need to question growth

As if

We don’t plan to stay forever

And old buildings are just in the way

As if

We don’t like each other

And only “me” counts

As if

Neighborhoods aren’t important

And conformity and tax deductions are

As if

Beauty doesn’t matter

And no one cares anyway

As if

The fastest buck is the only buck

And long-term investments are losers

As if

Our children will have it better

But is planning “as if” enough?

(What other ways are we planning as if?)


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