I’m in SKIRT – in a skirt

From the December 2010 issue – visit the site here

It’s a shame that this pic is in B&W – the skirt was bright fuchsia

Steve Austin leaves a Legacy

By by: Donna Ison, Thursday, December 2, 2010

Though Steve describes the Legacy Trail as “unique because it was community-driven and grew from the bottom up,” there is no debating his role in bringing it to fruition. As the founding director at The Legacy Center, he strove to ensure that the paved walking and biking trail not only served to leave a legacy after the WEG, but gave Lexington a place to “get out and get fit in a safe environment.” And, it worked. On any weekend, you can find hundreds enjoying the trail, including Steve who has begun biking most everywhere. In his words, “Everyone has a smile on their face. No one is getting flipped off on the Legacy Trail.” For our future, Steve would like to see us continue revitalizing the Limestone corridor, as well as preserving our countryside.

What is the best thing about reading skirt? “Seeing which man will be featured in a skirt.”

And wearing a skirt? “The freedom…it’s liberating. Jeans are so confining.”


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