Hey, don’t worry about Peak Oil, we’ve hit Peak Demand!

It’s being reported today that 2006 in the USofA – the land of cars -was the last year we’ll ever use as much gasoline as we were using.  We peaked.  (Amazing how people who couldnt believe in peak oil,have no problem with peak demand….)

Here’s the headline: “US gas demand should fall for good after ’06 peak;America guzzles less gas as fuel efficiency rises, ethanol use grows and people drive less”

To boil it down, fuel conservation measures, an older population, living closer to work, concern about the environment, and pixie dust have all combined to make sure that we’ve finally hit the road to sustainability. With all these new factors in play, we can have our cake, and drive it too! Nothing to see here about supply issues, folks, why it’s all good.

Uh oh.

Something about the year 2006 rings a bell……hmmmm…..let’s see….Oh yeah, that is the year the International Energy Agency said that oil production peaked.

No WONDER we have hit peak demand. We’ve hit peak supply.

Let’s face it, there’s not a red-blooded American out there who wants to use less gas than they did 5 years ago. And there’s 10 million more of us now anyway.

We’re gonna use less gas simply because it’s gonna cost us more, not because of efficiency, demographics, or a new-found desire to save the earth. Rationing by price is what I think the economists call it.

The real issue is this: we’ve never tried to grow an economy on expensive oil. This is especially serious now that we have about 10 trillion in debt that will need to be paid back. Growth has been one of the traditional ways we’ve been able to pay back debt. I guess another way would be for us to just change the value of our currency instead of having actual “growth”. But I’m sure that would never happen.

What is happening is exactly what the folks who know about peak oil have predicted would happen: economic growth has been stalled, if not been permanently put on ice. The rising values we see in stocks is nothing but a bubble, as money looking for return is invested in the only place offering it. Rising inflation, brought on by an increase in oil prices, will do a number on that bubble. Stagflation will get the rest of us.

Shouldn’t we be preparing ourselves, as well as our city? Eating food that’s not dependent on oil, utilizing the necessities of life that are not dependent on the whims of corporations, basing our economy on local needs, not the data points of wall street minions. That’s what we need to be doing, not crowing about how we’ve cut our addition to gasoline. That’s simply saying that the junkie cannot afford as much dope as he used to. He’s still a junkie, now just more desperate.


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