Bikes and a livable city

“Any livable city worth its soul will have bicycles, great numbers of bicycles.  The bike is the most powerful tool in our tool box for rebuilding livable cities.”

Mikael-Colville Andersen, founder of Copenhagen Cycle Chic a great website for seeing how Europeans bike safely and fashionably….without helmets.

This video is about barriers to creating more livable cities.  Specifically, he thinks bike helmets are a main impediment.  In his view, bike helmets are not only not safer for bikers, they actually discourage the creation of a livable, bikable city.  He thinks that helmets send a message that bike riding is really dangerous, that it puts the burden on bikers, not drivers, to assume sole responsibility for their safety, and car companies are conspiring to keep people off bikes.  Sounds like a conspiracy nut, but he’s not.   He’s not anti helmet, per se, but instead believes that the issue is more of a red herring – a lost opportunity to discuss the real ways we can make cycling safer.


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