Roman skyline

Is there any other large city with such a vast skyline un-destroyed by modernism?  Yes, there are sections of Rome that look depressingly like every other large city.  But in the valley of the Tiber, we see the Baroque city as it has looked for at least 350 years. We could debate the philosophical points of a skyline dominated by obedience to the Church or to one dominated by obedience to money.   We could talk about how this is the skyline that results from a low energy economy:  not one building in this picture was built with carbon powered machinery.   We could discuss how a privileged few are able to create greenspace in a city that is otherwise very hard.   We could even discuss whether this represents any kind of true reality, even though we can see it with our eyes.

Those can all wait.  Better to simply soak it in.  And feel the gravity of the Eternal City.  We are all shaped by the urbanism of this city.


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  1. Tim

    Most of Prague. Parts of Vienna.

    I can’t wait to make it there, though.

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